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Behemoth 'Polonaise Satanique' mug

Behemoth 'Polonaise Satanique' mug

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Unleash Your Inner Beast (and Beverage) with the Behemoth 'Polonaise Satanique' Mug

The Devilishly Large Mug for the True Behemoth (or Chopin) Fan

We present the Behemoth 'Polonaise Satanique' Mug, the ultimate vessel for your ceremonial libations. This behemoth of a mug holds over half a litre of your favourite beverage, ensuring you stay properly hydrated during your most intense listening sessions.

Crafted for Darkness (and Dishwashers)

Don't let the size fool you. This mug is constructed from premium porcelain, making it surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to hold. The design features the highest quality Behemoth 'Polonaise Satanique' artwork. 

A Black Metal Tribute to a Musical Legend

This mug is the second in our series featuring black-metalized famous people. This time, we pay homage to the maestro himself, Fryderyk Chopin. The design incorporates his image alongside an image of his left hand, a nod to his virtuosity.

The 'Polonaise Satanique' Mug is perfect for:

  • Die-hard Behemoth fans
  • Black metal enthusiasts
  • Chopin admirers
  • Anyone who appreciates a good, large cup of something

Don't miss out on this devilishly good mug! Order yours today!

P.S. This mug is dishwasher safe for your convenience. 

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