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Behemoth Webstore is the official Behemoth store.

My name is Maciej Gruszka. I have opened this company and store over 10 years ago, when my friend, Behemoth's main man Adam Nergal Darski said YES to this initiative. Since then, this Webstore is being created together: by Nergal and Behemoth and me: to make and get into the offer the highest quality products with Behemoth designs and music and deliver it to YOU, the LEGIONS.

This means, buying here, you buy, in fact, directly from the band, which guarantees the quality, professionalism in both service and products. At the same time, you support directly, Behemoth!

YOU are the most important part of this store. And WE are professionals. This means, your data, money, and business are safe here. And even if there is any problem, you will never be left alone and will always be serviced so that you will be satisfied with us.

During these over 13 years we have sent nearly 150 000 of orders. And you can check opinions about us here:


We do care. We care about you, about the environment (eliminating plastic as much as it is possible, using recycled paper etc., and most of all selling products which will serve you for years!), about the producers (we produce only in Poland and UK, where workers are paid well and create only best quality products) and about the whole process. And we would love to have YOU among our customers!

All products are guaranteed as original, licenced Behemoth approved.

Moreover, you will find here many items and collectibles that are exclusive and unavailable in any other store - including products signed by the band.

What makes our offer unique nowadays, is the exceptional products quality, which makes them premium and exclusive ones. Our products are being done especially for us, here locally in Poland, in short series, with the highest quality materials. You won't get such high quality we offer in other stores.

Our offer will continually grow - go ahead and check it out!

Webstore is run by:

Behemoth Webstore Maciej Gruszka
ul. Gdyńska 99
80-297 Miszewo

NIP: PL584-233-11-83
REGON: 220949515

Contact us at support@behemoth-store.com

Mobile: +48 517515548

We are answering Mon-Fri 9 A.M. - 4 P.M. CET

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