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Behemoth 'Marche Funebre' Vinyl Sticker

Behemoth 'Marche Funebre' Vinyl Sticker

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A top quality Behemoth thick vinyl sticker with Behemoth Marche Funebre design. Comes in a glossy finishing.

Size: 7,5x10 cm / 2.95'' x 3.93''

The versatile vinyl is super strong and ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Stickers made on this material will withstand any kind of weather, will stay strong through the dishwasher, and are UV protected so they will stay shiny and vibrant for up to 4 years. Vinyl stickers are the OG multipurpose sticker.

  • They are ideal for slapping on a laptop or a water bottle to make a statement
  • They work perfectly on windows if you want to decorate a storefront or stick them on a car window
  • They won’t leave that annoying leftover paper mess when you peel them off
  • They keep their sticky and can be reapplied if you remove them
  • The vinyl is scratch-proof. So no matter where you’re slapping these, on the guitar, laptop, car, wherever, they will stay looking brand new for a long time!
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