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'Behemoth Logo' merino wool hat

'Behemoth Logo' merino wool hat

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Our winter beanie is comfort and warmth in one. Made of pure merino wool, it provides excellent thermal insulation. It is slightly longer than standard beanies, which increases protection against the cold. It also has an inside lining covering ears inside. The Behemoth logo embroidered on the front.

The merino wool is an ultra-comfortable wool taken from Merino sheep. Apart from the fact it is extremely soft and comfy, it has also more fantastic properties which make the wool much better than regular wool and synthetic fabrics. These are:

1. It regulates the temperature - The thermoregulatory properties of merino wool adapt to your body and the environment, keeping you warm in the cold and cool in the heat.
2. It allows breathing - The structure of the fibres allows air to move freely throughout a Merino wool garment. This accelerates the evaporation process and ensures you stay cool and dry throughout the day.
3. It manages the moisture - As well as being breathable and lightweight, Merino is an incredibly fast drying yarn, making it perfect for exercise as you won't sweat as much and any moisture will evaporate quickly.
4. It resists the odours - the merino wool has antibacterial properties and absorbs the odour molecules and only releases them upon washing.
5. It dries quickly, it's ultra-soft and very light.

All of the above makes this hat one of a kind!

The hat is made 100% of Merino Wool

The lining part (6 cm in width) is made of polyester.

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