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Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus case with wood finishing and Behemoth 'In Absentia Dei' logo

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus case with wood finishing and Behemoth 'In Absentia Dei' logo

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Highest quality phone case finished with a real wood with Behemoth logo engraved. Case made in Poland, hand-finished with the highest precision. Materials used Wood - Imbuia (Ocotea porosa) – is one of the most interesting types of exotic wood, also called the Brazilian walnut. What makes the Imbuia wood so extraordinary is its unique and diversified colouring. The range of colours starts form beige, light yellow, delicate green through shining browns, saturated red ending up with deep black. Imbuia wood is also characterized by specific ring pattern-it is complex, irregular and every element is marked with different intensity. Base for wood (bottom) - polycarbonate - a material which keeps stable dimensions, is rigid and does not change under temperature. It is an odorless material and is characterized by excellent impact resistance. The color is matte and the material has a nice touch, which makes it a perfect finish for our wooden cases. The material that surrounds the sides of the phone - Silicone TPU - the most important feature that distinguishes this material is its high flexibility, which makes our case fit perfectly to the shape of the phone. Case made of silicone will also be flexible in a wide range of temperatures. The excellent abrasion resistance is also very important. The TPU silicone also absorbs shocks very well. Plasticity and durability of the material used will make your phone perfectly protected, also, taking off and putting on the cover will be simple and intuitive. Craftsmanship and precision The creation of each wooden case is a complex and time-consuming production process. Top-class machines are used for cutting and engraving wood - they allow to do it with an accuracy of up to 0.01mm. Much of the production is done by hand, which is starting to be a unique production process nowadays. Varnishing, polishing and precise wood gluing are the result of hard work of human hands. The most important features:

  • 100% protection;
  • Made of natural wood;
  • Light, does not thicken the phone;
  • Perfectly matched to the shape of the phone;
  • Non-slip layer that guarantees a secure grip;
  • Easy access to the charging socket, keys and ports;
  • Carefully designed extrudes on buttons;
  • Hand processing and finishing of wood;
  • Precision of craftsmanship;
  • Compatible with protective glass;
  • Style and elegance;
  • The perfect combination of functionality and excellent design;
  • 100% compatible with cordless chargers.


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