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We are the Official Webstore of the Behemoth band. We pride ourselves on products that significantly exceed the quality of a similar offer available all over the world. When you buy our stuff, you buy premium quality, the highest level of which we personally ensure. We only sell goods made especially for us in Poland. We do not use mass production. Most of our offer is unique and you won't find these items in other stores. Being friends of Behemoth members, we are the closest to them and therefore we can offer you much more, and by buying from us, you support your Idols directly. Check out our offer!

Polish production

Premium quality

Uniqueness of the offer

Closest to Behemoth

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Only The Highest Quality

We only work with Polish sewing houses that buy premium knitted fabrics from Polish suppliers. Then they cut out elements of clothes which then go to the Polish printing house, where the prints are made. The printed elements are returned to the sewing house where they are sewn together and the finished product is created. We deliver our labels, woven by a Polish producer. Stickers, tags, zippers for sweatshirts or even medals with logos attached to the zippers are also made for us by the best Polish producers. But not only clothes are made in Poland. Our jewelry is made from scratch by hand by Polish, incredibly talented Artists. Guitar picks, candles, patches, socks ... even our undisputed hit, i.e. Behemoth coffee, is roasted in a Polish roaster by talented roasters who choose the best, fresh coffee beans in plantations around the world and compose blends with amazing taste qualities. . Check it out for yourself. We promise it's worth it!

High-quality materials


Permanent prints

Who Are We?

My name is Maciej Gruszka. I started this company in 2010 when my friend Adam Nergal Darski said YES to this initiative. From the very beginning, the Official Behemoth Store is created jointly by Nergal, Behemoth and me. And from the very beginning, its main assumption is to offer the highest quality products - so that what can be found in our store goes hand in hand with the highest quality Art of the Band. 

This means that when shopping in our store - you actually buy directly from the Band, which guarantees quality and professionalism - both in terms of service and products. At the same time, you are supporting Behemoth directly!

YOU are the most important part of this store. AND WE are professionals. This means that your data (we are fully GDPR compliant and we care about your privacy!), money and transactions are safe here. And even if there is a problem, you will never be left alone with it and we will always do our best to make you happy with us. During these over 10 years, we have sent nearly 100,000 orders. We are a team of people who care. 

We care about:

- our customers which means YOU! 

- about the environment - we eliminate plastic as much as possible, we use waste paper in packaging, etc., and above all, we sell products that will serve you for years!

- about producers - we only manufacture in Poland, in companies where employees are well paid and create only the highest quality products) and we take care 

- about the entire process - personally!

And we would love to have you among the customers of the Official Behemoth Webtore!


We are proud to have you here, Legions!