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Behemoth 'Baphomet' zipped hoodie

Behemoth 'Baphomet' zipped hoodie

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A hooded sweatshirt with front pockets and zip. Baphomet's print on the chest, back and both sleeves.

A Premium Quality hoodie. It has been made from scratch in Poland especially for Behemoth and its quality and durability is far much better than most of the other hoodies present on the market. Many of our Customers write to us that our hoodies are the best they ever had. The regular hoodies you can get on merch stands cannot even be compared to the ones we make and sell. Thick, warm, premium quality cotton, higher zip type (no scarf needed!) Behemoth branding and durable prints - all of this make our hoodies exceptional.

To avoid mismatch, returns and exchanges at additional cost, please open the product size chart, measure clothing you own according to the instructions, compare the sizing with the table and then choose the appropriate size. DO NOT CHOOSE A SIZE without measuring, "because you usually wear L". There are so many sizing standards that the mismatch in this case is highly probable.

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