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  • Bronze Behemoth 'The Unholy Trinity' ring

    Bronze Behemoth ‘The Unholy Trinity’ ring


      On the octagonal signet ring we have placed “The Unholy Trinity” Behemoth sigil, which is an impression of Red King alchemical/occult symbol, while on the sides you will find a subtly engraved Unicursal Hexagram, associated with Crowley’s Thelema philosophy. Mother signet – this is how the artists use to call the first artifact, created…

  • A bronze Behemoth 'Nergal Skull Mask' RingA bronze Behemoth 'Nergal Skull Mask' Ring

    A bronze Behemoth ‘Nergal Skull Mask’ Ring


      A bronze Behemoth ‘Nergal Skull Mask’ Ring with Trivmviratvs sigil engraved. Hand sculpted at local Polish goldsmith workshop, this ring is a replica of Nergal Skull mask which he wears at the concerts. Cast in bronze , the skull itself has 10 mm of width and 6 mm of height. Each piece is also…