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Loyalty points - how to get them and how they work

You can find on this page the rules of our Loyalty Program. Each Customer registered in our store can collect points for product purchases, opinions, and for subscribing to the newsletter. The collected points can be exchanged for discounts in our store.


You get points when you shop

We will appreciate your every activity in the store. Each purchase in our store is rewarded with points in the Loyalty Program. The number of points depends on the price of the purchased product. During the purchase, you get information about the number of points awarded for the purchase of a specific product. Please note, the points are granted when the order is fulfilled (sent).




Leave opinions about products

Points are also earned for each opinion about the product accepted by the store staff. You can give an opinion on any number of products purchased by you.





Sign up for our newsletter

Points are also received by registered customers who subscribe to our newsletter. When subscribed, you will receive information about promotions, news and other actions in our store by e-mail.






Redeem your points for a discount

If you already have loyalty points on your account, you can exchange them for a discount for your order. The size of the discount depends on the quantity of points collected on the account. You can exchange your points directly on the Cart screen or by going to your account to this place: https://behemoth-store.com/client-rebate.php





How many points do I have?

You can check the quantity of points you have by logging into your account. In the "Loyalty Program" section you will see how many points you have.


We care about your privacy

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